Games and Curriculum
One of my favorite courses in the Educational Technology program was Digital Games and Simulations in the Classroom. The focus was writing curriculum with a gamification focus that can be used in the classroom. As somebody that has enjoyed the hobby of gaming starting when I was in kindergarten and the first Nintendo arrived on the scenes, I have been glued to a game controller ever since. In my usual style I used this opportunity to try out the new web design techniques. In this case I utilized Adobe Edge Animate software. Click the above picture or here for my final project. Anyone that is unaware of Adobe Edge the software itself it is the answer to the archaic Flash web technology. Full mobile friendly HTML5 animations with no plug-in required. It was quite a task writing curriculum for the Oklahoma Standards in k-12 since I am mainly familiar with college level education, however, I think my determination to understand all levels of curriculum speaks for itself.