Below is my most relevant front-end/user interface examples. I have also done a considerable amount of Project Management and User Experience documentation, which is available upon request. If you need an energetic red-head that loves new challenges, feel free to eMail me.

UI + UX + Instructional System Diagrams

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Above are a few static examples of Government eLearning User Interfaces I created. As well as, a few examples of flow diagrams I created during my time with Microsoft. 

Fortnite Quiz Royal

A working prototype I produced for a class at General Assembly which can be viewed here. The class focused on major facets of being a UX Designer. 
A slide for my final presentation can be viewed here.

Granicus work

Granicus offers a large assortment of software targeting Municipalities and other forms of Government. I have deployed hundreds of small Government SaaS solutions. A few large clients are listed below.


US House Live


When it comes to big names in Government, the US House is about as big as you get. Since I have started at Granicus I have been a personal liaison to the US House, updating internal UI and providing ongoing support.

Chicago City Clerk


The Chicago clerk is utilizing our biggest SaaS solution. The Chicago clerk was a joint effort by myself and their web-designer, bending HTML/CSS/JS to apply a fresh paint of UI onto an already established web-app.

Android Development

While working on at Granicus I was lucky enough to be selected for Android development and deployment for 3 of our clients. Utilizing the Titanium MVC JavaSript framework. Feel free to review all the the apps at this link here 

Bootstrap examples

Dignified Decision

dignifieddecision  For this client, I created an elegant one page Bootstrap site with jQuery scroll animations and a complex .phpMailer script. I am also running the Google AdWords campaign and analytics.

Rabble + Rouser - Code Challenge

This site was created from a Photoshop file for a contest held by the Denver company, Rabble and Rouser.  From a Photoshop document, simple instructions, and only 5 days' time I created a responsive web-site with Parallax action. The web developers at Rabble said my code was solid.

Community College Web Page Design - instructor site

The first Bootstrap web-site I created was for a college class site I was teaching at Oklahoma City Community College. Check out the hall of fame for all my student's examples. I feel the direction I took all my students shows I have leadership skills in the world of front-end web design.

Drupal vs Moodle- masters project

In Master's course, "Computer Based Instructional Development",  I completed a considerable amount of research on what makes a unique user experience for students. I also got to made a bootstrap web-site about CMS Drupal and my LMS Moodle.


The content I created at PHMSA is protected under federal law and therefore available to the public. However, I have a few snapshots and the below glossary from my time with them.


This is a hand-coded glossary of terms for the agency. Well, the UI is actually jQuery UI. However, what was hand-coded was the changing backgrounds, a back to top smooth scroll button, and built-in jQuery syntax to create a dynamic equation that counts certain CSS classes. Clicking a tab will execute javaScript to auto-populate the count of specific classes in the glossary.

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Feel free to check out the work I have created while pursuing my Masters in Educational Technology. 

You can also contact me at [email protected]

Or watch the below youtube video showing the front-end development I did at Advanced Academics and the government contractor, Catapult Technology.