Granicus + Charter examples

Granicus has the title of the longest employer (thus far) in my career. They are also my first experience in the startup mindset.  Which meant I wore many hats in my 4 years with Granicus. 

The Software

At Granicus I deployed hundreds of client environments (along with various sales environments). Much of my time was spent with GovMeeting Software as a Service which caters to smaller government entities and streamlines scheduling items for meetings, software to run the meetings, and the reports with results of the meeting. 

Granicus ecosystem
Lake Havasu Meeting Page

At that time, Granicus' software focus was to deliver Video, Agenda and Minutes to the greater public at large. As a Deployment Web-Designer, my role was to ensure the delivery of this meeting information was delivered to the client’s constituents bug-free and aesthetically pleasing.

The Stack

My technical role was to deploy these environments utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and Ruby ERB. Along with utilizing proprietary internal tools to deploy these code/graphic changes. Each environment required customization to match the design guidelines the client listed.

Utilizing internal APIs I used the above languages to display complex data and mimic “reports,” that Microsoft Word would produce. An example of an Agenda report can be viewed at this Gist. A simpler example of an item coverpage can be viewed at this link

As an important deployment team member, it was part of my role to introduce clients to the software and explain limitations. Thanks to my close relationship with our clients I was tasked by our product team to assist with feature development and prioritization.

Agenda UI Wireframe

UX examples

I am a big fan of the entire product development process: from collecting feedback from clients to problem-solving to detailed UI and interaction design. I worked with Product by communicating early ideas through flows and low fi sketches to facilitate discussions and get early feedback. I worked within an existing design system but knew when to break out and create a new, extensible pattern. Thanks to my background in Instructional design I have great written and verbal communication skills to help people across the company to understand the rationale behind my proposals.

User Journey Peak

The strict adherence to digitize Robert's Rules of Order for City and County Clerks meetings required an intuitive path to schedule, prepare, conduct and record a meeting passing government legislation. Which sometimes was not straightforward to automate.

Relevant Charter Communications experience

As an Instructional Designer at Charter Field Ops Engineering, I have produced several pieces of training on proprietary software demonstrations to assist users from Infrastructure Construction Supervisors to Call Center representatives.

Constant shifts and standardization across three legacy companies (Time Warner, Brighthouse, Charter Communications) requires establishing strong working relationships with Content Owners, Product Managers, and subject matter experts to analyze target audience needs (knowledge and performance gaps. My group at Charter uses advanced modern Web-design practices (video/HTML5) for assembling the courseware kits that emulate the many software tools that power the 2nd largest telecom in the USA.

Design Mapping