Instructional Designer at Catapault Technology

My role at Catapult placed me at the training head quarters of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). This primarily consisted of updating outdated Elearning modules (some with Netscape code) while refreshing the training content with Subject Mater Experts. 


The training content was mainly focused on the tools and structures used to transport hazardous waste including various government regulations in said transportation. 

I was allowed to build an aesthetic that reflected the grungy/rusted look for the Elearning modules. 

The users were federal and state inspectors with different levels of knowledge on the subject matter. The modules themselves were complimentary of in-class trainings and my role was to make the trainings accessible and engaging. 

The Technology Used

First entering the position I was required to develop and deploy these Elearning modules to over 200 federally employed inspectors. The tools given were the Lectora software and Saba Learning Management System (LMS). Two Instructional Design tools I had little knowledge when entering the position. By the end of my contract I was able to redesign and deploy 5 total modules (which consisted of roughly 100 pages each)..


The content was a mixed media delivery. Along with static text and images the modules included interactive knowledge checks and glossaries (hand-coded with jQuery and JavaScript). On specific modules video tutorials edited with Adobe After Effects and Premier with custom Lectora JavaScript injected to ensure the learners watched the entirety of the video. 

Sample of work:

An example of an Elearning module made with the various authoring tools can be found here.