Below is my most relevant front-end/user interface examples. Keep in mind I have done a considerable amount of project management and user experience documentation which is available upon request. So if you need an energetic red-head that loves new challenges feel free to eMail me.

UI + UX + Instructional System Diagrams

Above are a few static examples of Government eLearning User Interfaces I created. I can’t link to working examples thanks to confidentiality reasons. Also, a few examples of flow diagrams I created in my Microsoft position. Much ♥ ♥ ♥ for Photoshop ♥ HTML/CSS ♥ Rapid prototyping software development tools.

Granicus work

Granicus offers a large assortment of software targeting municipalities and other forms of government. This is also the place I currently hang my web-designer hat. I have deployed hundreds of small government SaaS solutions but let’s focus on the big names for portfolio sake.


US House Live


When it comes to big names in Government, the US House is about as big as you get. Since I have started at Granicus I have been a personal liaison to the US House, updating internal UI and support for when things get a bit buggy.

Chicago City Clerk


The Chicago clerk is another big name. They are utilizing our biggest SaaS solution. The current UI the Chicago clerk was a joint effort by myself and their web-designer. Bending HTML/CSS/JS to apply a fresh paint of UI onto an already established web-app.

Android Development

While working on at Granicus I was lucky enough to be selected for Android development and deployment for 3 of our clients. Utilizing the Titanium MVC JavaSript framework. Feel free to review all the the apps at this link here 

Bootstrap examples

Dignified Decision


Dignifieddecision.com is currently what is occupying most of my time (outside of refresher courses at codeschool.com). For the client, I created an elegant one page Bootstrap site with jQuery scroll animations and a complex .phpMailer script. I am also wearing the old internet marketing hat and running the Google AdWords campaign and analytics.

Rabble + Rouser – Code Challenge

This site was created from a Photoshop file for a contest being held by the Denver company Rabble and Rouser. They wanted to know the contestants can write CSS3 and jQuery like nobody’s business. So from a Photoshop document, simple instructions, and only 5 days’ time I created a responsive web-site with Parallax action. The web developers at Rabble said my code was solid once it was submitted.

Community College Web Page Design – instructor site

The first Bootstrap web-site I created (way back in early version 2) was for my college class site. I was teaching Web Page Design at Oklahoma City Community College. Check out the hall of fame for all my student’s examples. I feel the direction I took all my students shows I have leadership skills in the world of front-end web design.

Drupal vs Moodle- masters project

In my Masters course “Computer Based Instructional Development,” there was a considerable amount of research on what makes a unique user experience for students. I also got to make a snazzy bootstrap web-site about my favorite CMS Drupal and my favorite LMS Moodle.


Thanks to most of the content I created at PHMSA being protected under federal law to not be available to the public, I mainly have a few snapshots and the below glossary from my time with them.


This is a hand-coded glossary of terms for the agency. Well, the UI is actually jQuery UI. However, what was hand-coded was the changing backgrounds, a back to top smooth scroll button, and built-in jQuery syntax to create a dynamic equation that counts certain CSS classes. Clicking a tab will execute javaScript to auto-populate the count of specific classes in the glossary.

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Feel free to check out the work I have created while pursuing my Masters in Educational Technology. 

You can also contact me at mega1meyers@gmail.com

Or watch the below youtube video showing the front-end development I did at Advanced Academics and the government contractor Catapult Technology.