Goals and Philosophy


To enter a full time senior level position in either the public or private sector to utilize my pedagogical and multimedia talents to create engaging and enduring education. Eager for a challenge on the best ways to deliver high impact content via a digital medium to human cognition. To improve and update my knowledge, perceptions and skills that pertain to instructional system design as well as many other related skills.


The age of instant information has created an exciting moment for technology as a tool that can extend the level of understanding in individuals. I believe that proper Instructional System Design should leverage concepts of  instructional systems design, user experience and web development for optimal delivery of training. This also includes selection and use of different techniques for defining and sequencing instructional strategies and content to best engage the complex architecture of human cognition.


The local newspaper’s photo of graduating class. I am in the front with a silver gown thanks to my involvement with the honor society.

As I finish the capstone of my educational career by completing the Masters in Science in Educational Technology I feel it’s important to reflect on what has lead me to this goal and philosophy.
In my high-school years I was on the forefront of courseware based learning. I joined my local night school program to finish my high school degree which utilized early technologies in teaching highschool students. In this same period is when I began the art of creating digital offerings in the Graphic Design program offered by my local vocational school. After soul searching for several years in the customer service field I returned to college in upstate New York at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. In my Multi-Media program I focused my prior skills in web + graphic design and added several new channels of human digital perceptions with audio, award.distinguishedanimation and further refinement of my web-development skills. In my Associates is when I developed a new appreciation to higher education that would last all the way to completion of my Masters in Educational Technology.
The new passions I had for development in a digital world is apparent thanks to me being the distinguished graduate of that program for the year of 2009.

The career achievements I have pursued afterwards in my undergraduate at the State University of New York Purchase and various roles as an Instructional Technologist can be viewed in my Resume and Professional Work sections of this site. With all the varied modes of introducing education with the vehicle of technology, I feel my vast exposure has led to a deep understanding of the best ways to deliver education with technology. Even with my many years of higher education I still have a strong desire to learn. I believe that with the comprehensive Masters in Science Degree from Oklahoma State I have obtained a solid understanding of the adult learning processes and theories. I interested in a role with great challenges and rewards such as the head of distance learning at a respective community college or training manager at a private company. With the masters degree in Educational Technology I can fill the void of leadership wherever that may be. I have gone to great lengths to make myself a viable candidate in this chosen career field. Please feel free to view all the various parts of my ePortfolio to see how these passions for education has translated to the various accomplishments I have placed for review on this site.

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