Installing Moodle and/or Drupal on a cPanel server

The above video demonstraights installing Moodle and Drupal via a cPanel interface. After watching the screencaste try the interactive quiz below.

  1. Installing Drupal is a more difficult task than installing Moodle.
    Incorrect: Installing both web-apps is almost the same process.
    Correct: The web-app installer does all the heavy lifting
  2. What is the purpose of the cPanel interface?
    Easy File Transfer Protocol in your web-browser.
    A control panel for basic server tasks.
    The interface for installing Moodle + Drupal
    A panel you look at.
    Incorrect: However that is one of the features
    Correct: That's the basic definition.
    Incorrect: However you need cPanel to maintain the sites.
    Incorrect: that would be a seePanel.