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Library Networks and Databases

The Library Networks and Databases had a focus of not only teaching efficiency in retrieving information but how to best categorize data and visualizing said data. Ideas of controlled vocabularies and hypermedia and how clear navigation of learning artifacts allows students/trainees to investigate

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Digital Media Production

In digital media production there were many insightful discussions and reviews of various digital media technologies for education.There was a strong sense of community as we utilized new group discussion technologies such as the GroupMe app, Google hangouts and groups.

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Foundations of Educational Technology

The course Foundations of Educational Technology offered students an analysis of the core concepts of the masters program. Many distinctions were made such as concepts that make training different from teaching. The most enduring concepts I took away from the class was the discussion of 4 main learning

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Facilitating Online Learning

In my course Facilitating Online Learning the discussion and projects relating to what makes an engaging online course.  The final for the project was an eight-page course outline for a new proposed course and this video of my place in

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Computer Based Instructional Development

In Computer Based Instructional Development there was much analysis on how to convey information in a static document form, aka a non-content management based web-site. There was an overview of how to best convey messages in grid patterns, organization and

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Creativity and Innovation in Educational Technology

In the Creativity and Innovation in Educational Technology I was challenged to conceptually think outside of the box. The above image was a single assignment with requirements involving 3D models and a teaching problem I was facing with my students. As

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Foundations of Digital Learning

In my masters course in Foundations of Digital Learning I was able to flex my Lectora rapid course creation muscles and create a quick eLearning module. Also, studying foundational theories on research and how they relate to creating effective online courses. There

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Advanced Computer Applications in Education

Ok the world of presentation software isn’t the most exciting subject. Thanks to the Educational Technology’s in-depth examinations of most relevant classroom applications (and my software background) it’s a rare occurrence I find something I think is something completely new.

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Digital Games and Simulations in the Classroom

One of my favorite courses in the Educational Technology program was Digital Games and Simulations in the Classroom. The focus was writing curriculum with a gamification focus that can be used in the classroom. As somebody that has enjoyed the hobby of gaming

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